24 July 2009

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bye, see you there!

19 July 2009

i love you sixteen.

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I love you! Wow.
I swear.

18 July 2009


It feels weird.
We got what we want, but it feels.. not right.

Something isn't right, but i just can't figure it out.

Sorry, i'm not in the mood to post something, maybe later.
Bye, love.

09 July 2009


Sweet dream, Princess :')
(by the way, this isn't mine. I stole it from youtube)

03 July 2009

I'm getting close to..

The internet connection is SO LAME. I've been waiting for Biotronic for what, 1 hour? Wow. Retard.

Jadi hari ini gw ke sency sama arin shastri dan shata. Janjiannya sih sekitar jam setengah 2 tapi pas udah jam 2 gw masih di gi. Yaudahlah langsung buru buru pergi. Si arin sama shastri malah mampir ke pacific place dulu, jadilah itu si shata sendirian di sency. Hahahaha.
Terus gw nonton Transformers 2 lagi, gila ga puas puas nih, keren bangeeeeeet. Gw jadi pengen ke mesir terus ketemu Megan Fox. Hahaha seksi banget deh emang gw mengakui kok.
Abis itu makan di sushi tei, abis itu jalan jalan gw beli j.co yogurt setelah sebelomnya bingung antara coldstone, cream& fudge, tutti frutti, atau sour sally -_-
Abis itu pulang! Dan gw ketiduran sampe jam 10, eugh

Dan sekarang berurusan dengan speedy bodoh ini.

30 June 2009

Sassy me

So, thank's to Star Movies, HBO, HBO Signature, Cinemax, I finally can call this as a holiday
I sleep at day, and alive at night, I sleep at around 3 in the morning and wake up at around 12.
Yeah, we all do.

I watched My Sassy Girl about 2 days ago. At first, I thought it was just another love-drama-romantic-andsoother movie. But. I. Was. Wrong.
I was wrong.

My Sassy Girl is definitely one of my favorite movie, now. Well ofcourse, there's no film as fucking good as A Walk To Remember. Or PS: I Love You. Yeah I'm a mellow person.

I hope that I've healed during our year apart, and that I'm sitting with you while you read this. But if I'm not, it's not because I don't love you... Because I do. And it's not because I don't miss you, because I miss you already. It'll just mean that I'm not better. And the story isn't over yet.

Wow. Tears everywhere.
Yeah so what I have a heart as mushy as a marsh-mellow.

I mean, marshmallow.

All these things that I've done.

Help me out
Yeah, you know you got to help me out
Yeah, oh don't you put me on the blackburner
You know you got to help me out

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier.

24 June 2009

Have you ever...

Have you ever stayed up waiting 
For a telephone call 
Just to hear him say hello 
Cause you miss each other so 
Have you ever been in love?


Listening to Liu Xing Yu by F4 HAHA
Call me lame, but I'm not that in to BBF or BOF
Well I know things about it, but not that much
I tried to enjoy watching BBF and BOF at youtube but yeah.. I enjoyed much but that's it
But hell yeah they're freaking cute, I admit it. Ha ha

So what's up people?
I'm in the mood for writing nonsense. Haha
I just ate a slice, well 2 slices of dapur cokelat's double chocolate yumm :3
For God's sake, I can't barely stop eating lately
I'm getting fatter and fatter each day.

Don't you think Hunter Parrish is kinda cute?
I like him better at 17 again than at RV.

It's getting lamer and lamer
I spent many hours watching videos at youtube, eventhough I don't really know what i watched
Yeah, it's holiday

Bu ohen texted me that I should search my report card (or.. paper) and give it to her as soon as possible
SHOOT. Where did I put it?

22 June 2009